Spring 2014 Program

  • 4:00 PM, 01/29/2014, Wednesday

Gevorg Grigoryan

Dartmouth College

Learning From Nature to Engineer Proteins(PDF)

RM 234, Bio-Life Building

  • 4:00 PM, 02/26/2014, Wednesday

Wei Yang

Florida State University

Overcoming Hidden Barriers to Achieve Efficient Sampling of Long Timescale Biomolecular Motions(PDF)

RM 234, Bio-Life Building

  • 4:00 PM, 03/13/2014, Thursday

Roland L Dunbrack, Jr

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Structural Bioinformatics and Protein Structure Prediction(PDF)

RM 162, Beury Hall

Note: Jointly sponsored by Chemistry Department

  • 4:00 PM, 04/23/2014, Wednesday

Chia-en Chang

University of California, Riverside

Insights from Free Energy Calculations: Protein Conformational Equilibrium, Driving Forces and Ligand Binding Processes

RM 234, Bio-Life Building

  • 4:00 PM, 05/28/2014, Wednesday

Jeffery G. Saven

University of Pennsylvania

Title: TBA

RM 234, Bio-Life Building